LORDS (and COMMONS) of MISRULE by Donal Kennedy

LORDS (and COMMONS) of MISRULE by Donal Kennedy

The Tory MP for Aldershot recently tabled a Bill, under “the Ten-Minute Rule” in the House of Commons, quoting a raft of fellow ex-Officers of the British Armed Forces in the House to give servicemen legal immunity from prosecution for crimes committed, including torture and murder, before British, European or  International Courts. The Bill is to be debated in the Commons in March.“God Save The King.”

It’s no secret that British Forces and their political masters have broken the laws of God and man with impunity for at least as long as I or anyone reading this can remember, with no bar to their promotion, enoblement nor enrichment. Existing laws have been ignored or twisted but I can’t remember them being repealed. It seems the Irish slogan  “Repeal the Eighth Amendment” is to be paralleled by a British one -“Repeal the Ten Commandments” by Ladies and Gentlemen who’ll jump smartly to attention to singGod Save The Queen”/

I recently boobed after reading the Guardian’s obituary depicting Jeremy Ashdown as a thoroughly Good Egg, but I’m told that I’m too eager to see the good in people. Anyone whose actions or arguments I’ve attacked I’ve done on what I believed to solid ground. Anyone whose character I’ve attacked I’ve done

attacked I’ve done on what I believed to solid ground. Anyone whose character I’ve attacked I’ve done on three grounds, they’ve deserved it, they are under ground and can’t sue for libel, and however hot my attack it will be much cooler than where they are now.

It’s 100 years since tanks were deployed on the streets of Glasgow, when Labour unrest frightened the government thinking it might be a Bolshevist Revolt. Though no Bolshie myself, anyone who put the fear of the masses into Britain’s rulers were held in high esteem by me. One prominent “Red Clydesiders was Emmanuel Shinwell.

I recently read that when Dr Mosaddegh, thru the democratically elected Iranian Parliament nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company that Shinwell as Defence  Minister in Attlee’s Government was outraged. Britain’s Secret Service, and America’s CIA engineered a coup two years later overthrowing the legitimate Government and ushering in 25 years corrupt and tyrannical government by the Shah, creating condition which gave rise to the extreme Islamist Government of the last 40 years. Shinwell had lost his lustre.

The other day I read an interview given by Shinwell on his 100th Birthday to John Mortimer in 1984 .Though I’d thought him a Clydesider, because of his accent and original fame, he was, in fact, born in London.

Shinwell recalled his days in the Gorbals –“My father had a little clothing shop in the Roman CatholicQuarter. There used be terrible arguments in the shop between the Roman Catholics and the Orangemen ……..I was on the side of the Orangemen. I was for the Union Jack and the Monarchy. When the Boer War came I was ready to fight Kruger with my bare hands. I was always a patriot.”

That was one “Red” Clydesider.

A real Red Clydesider in those days was Willie Gallaher who advised Cathal Brugha to have Griffith and Collins arrested as soon as they stepped off the Mailboat after signing Articles of Agreement in London.

“Go for them now or they’ll get you.”

Couldn’t fault his logic.

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