Michael Clifford is not even a Jesuit but he is every bit as unreliable and crude an historical commentator as  Seumas Murphy SJ and Stephen Collins who has one foot in the Irish Times, another in the Jesuit journal Studies, and, when he speaks, both feet in his mouth.

When democrats should be commemorating the establishment, by Irishmen and women by the exercise of their votes, of our National Parliament one hundred years ago, Clifford has joined the mercenaries raining buckets of toxic and ignorant bile by the bucketful on the parade.

He appears to believe that the Soloheadbeg ambush was an outrage committed in a time of peace on members of a peace-abiding public-spirited body of Irishmen.

Strange that he never studied the context. Prior to the 1918 Election the RIC had arrested most of the successful candidates, who were imprisoned for the “German Plot” invented by the British Government. The RIC seized Sinn Fein election literature and cooperated with the RAF, who dropped anti-Sinn Fein leaflets on the voters.And the RIC, together with troops had used batons, bayonets and bullets, sometimes with lethal  effect on civilians in the preceding year.

Clifford also attacks Tom Barry who led the Kilmichael attack on the Terrorist Auxiliaries, inspired by the Blowhard Churchill.  He claimed that Barry became a TD.

The IRISH EXAMINER should examine  the evidence its columnists publish, and not add to the nonsense circulated by those with democratic blind-spots such as Michael Clifford.

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