Things can only get better. Or maybe not…

So – how do you think it will pan out? Are things Brexit looking more optimistic, now that Theresa May has ‘reached out’  to all other parties in Westminster?

That last one – seeking the views of other parties – tells us something of the Tory mentality. They’ve had well over two years since the Brexit referendum, and only now are they saying they think it’d be good to check with other parties as to their thinking. Arrogant, moi? 

Various parties appear to be taking the possibility of a crash-out seriously. Certainly the south of Ireland’s government says it’s intensifying preparations. I understand there are plans to bring over some Brit bobbies to stop the mad Irish from murdering each other, when and if a hard border goes up. And on this morning’s BBC news, there was talk of real anxiety about the availability of a range of medicines which in some cases could be essential.

This morning’s Irish Times  give two starkly contrasting views on what’s going on. The pundit Noel Whelan has an article headed ‘No Brexit more likely now than at any point since June 2016.’ He’s convinced that the defeat of May’s withdrawal bill  was fortunate, even if people couldn’t say so: “The Irish government issued a press statement expressing its regret at the vote on Tuesday night, but inside it was dancing.” He believes that British politicians will inch carefully towards first postponing Brexit and ultimately to cancelling Brexit.

In the same newspaper, one Ella Whelan (no relation that I  know of) has an article headed “Brexit exposes elitist rot at the heart of Westminster’. She figures the sparring at Westminster this week was all pretend-war: “Instead what us lowly voters saw, as we watched from outside the cosy rooms of Westminster, was two groups  warring over how best to scupper our [Brexit referendum] vote.”  Those for May’s withdrawal bill were simply trying to give the British public what would be Brexit in name only, while those opposed to her bill, with a few honorable exceptions, were intent on getting no Brexit at all.

Frankly, I think Ella is talking sense in one part of her argument and concentrated turkeyshit in another part.  She’s talking sense when she says that the British MPs generally are trying to mitigate the ghastly damage that a hard Brexit would inflict. She’s talking ts when she says that the Leave MPs really are intent on having no Brexit at all.  I mean, come on. Have you heard what some of these people say? Have you looked at their faces as they talk?

I rarely – very rarely – agree with Noel Whelan, but in this case I  think he may have it right. There almost certainly will have to be an extension to Article 50, so the Brits have a chance to agree on what they want (I’m talking parliamentarians here). And I’d like to think the longer it’s postponed, the less likely Brexit will be.

I’d like to think that, but there is no knowing the workings of the Tory mind, especially when it’s had a dangerous injection of the drug called DUP.

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