What Anna Did

Outside my window as I type I can hear the birds giving full-throated approval to the sun that’s climbing and doing its best to pretend this is Spring. But I’m happy to take simulation if I can’t have the real thing.  So in the spirit of post-Winter, here’s a laugh.

In the Ukraine there is good news and not-so-good news.  The good news is that they’ve selected their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest: one Anna Corsun, who sings for reasons best known to herself as Marvun .  The bad news is that they’ve followed this by deselecting her. For why? Ah, that would be a political matter.

It appears that Anna was booked to do a singing tour in Russia in April, but the Ukrainian state broadcaster was pushing her to sign a contract saying she’d do no such thing, given that the Ukraine isn’t on the best of terms with Russia since Russia took over in Crimea five years ago. But it seems Anna, despite choosing to call herself Maruv, is no softie:

“I am a citizen of Ukraine, pay taxes and sincerely love Ukraine. But I am not ready to come up with slogans and turn my participation in the contest into a promotional activity for our politicians…I am a musician, not a puppet for the political arena.”

The message is clear: don’t mess with Maruv.

But the Ukrainian authorities are having none of it. Their deputy prime minister,Vyacheslav Kyrylenko  has denounced Anna/Maruv:

“An artist who tours in the aggressor state, plans to do so in the future, and sees nothing unacceptable in this cannot be a representative of Ukraine.”

But the dark musical cloud over the Ukraine has a bright silver lining for any of us equipped with a sense of irony.  The Eurovision Song Contest this year will be held in, of all places, Israel. Which, if you check, is in Asia. No, not Europe, Virginia – Asia.

What was that about an aggressor state again?

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