Britain has launched many lethal campaigns on poorly armed people and deemed them Emergencies.

This absolved them from abiding by the Geneva Conventions and provided her forces with immunity from trial no matter how they conducted themselves, whether by murder, torture or other human rights violations. Examples include Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus., Ireland, Egypt, and Iraq.

Another advantage of deeming her campaigns Emergencies rather than War was saving British exploiters of other peoples natural resources from the High Insurance Premiums levied when states of war are acknowledged.

The Malayan “Emergency” (1948-1960) is a prime example of this.


It is a staple smear by Ireland’s enemies, and a damnable lie, that in Ireland the War declared by the United Kingdom on Germany in 1939 and escalated into a World War in 1941 was called “The Emergency” by the Irish Government and media.

In accordance with Article 28 Section 2 Subsection 3  of the Irish Constitution, both houses of the Oireachtas (Parliament) declared an Emergency  WITHIN THE IRISH STATE allowing the enactment of law enacted for securing the public safety and the preservation of the State in time of war or armed rebellion.”In this sub-section ‘time ofwar’  includes a time when there is taking place an armed conflict in which the State is not a participant …..but arising out of such armed conflict , a national emergency exists affecting the vital interests of the State”

The Emergency was declared on 2 September 1939, the day before the UK declared war on Germany.

It seems to me  that History should agree that Ireland’s  Oireachtas  adopted a more rational, measured and appropriate response to an existing danger in 1939, than did  the UK Parliament in 2,003 when  it  launched a war on Iraq on a fabricated threat and killed up to a million Iraqis, ,mainly civilians.

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