The United Kingdom is a state established to crush the majority of the Irish people and to curtail the spread of the Enlightenment ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and the rights of humanity which were gaining support in Britain when the Act of Union was passed in 1800.

Karen Bradley’s  is no aberration in a Parliament which in 2003 voted for a war which inflicted up to a million civilian deaths in IRAQ on the strength of a false dossier and which has for generations been happy that Crown Forces have been engaged in lethal violence in campaigns which have never been acknowledged nor discussed.

In the rare cases where Crown Forces have been charged with criminal behaviour and the rare ones where they have been convicted, thugs wearing regimental berets and blazers have attempted to browbeat the judiciary. Sometimes the judiciary needed no browbeating. Lord Widgery obediently followed polite instructions from Prime Minister Edward Heath and the Lord Chancellor Hailsham to producea dishonest report on the massacre of unarmed civilians in Derry by the Parachute Regiment in 1972.

And THE TIMES wrote a glowing obituary of Widgery in 1981, which did not prevent its then Editor Harold Evans from getting a knighthood.

Ms Bradley will very probably be promoted, probably to Prime Minister and become a Dame or a Baroness. Not being a Lady nor a Gentleman has never been a bar to ennoblement in this benighted, allegedly united, Kingdom.

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