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The latest outrage from Northern  Ireland  Secretary Karen Bradley came this week in the House of Commons.   In an exchange with   her coalition partner, a  Democratic Unionist MP  from N. I.  she stated that  soldiers accused of killing civilians in NI “…did not commit crimes.”  Minister of Defense Gavin Williamson is to put the finishing touch on this absolution shortly by introducing an amnesty/statute of limitation bill.”  Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadker has stated that  such unilateral  action is   not permitted under the Good Friday Agreement, the 1998 treaty that has brought a measure of peace if not justice to the North.    But the DUP, knowing the day would come when loyalist collusion killings for MI-5 and the British Army would be exposed, never  signed the GFA. Now the May government must pick up the tab for that  lawlessness as she   claims   the peace pact has outlived its usefulness. “This British bullying of Ireland”, stated Ms.  Kathy Savage long time Ireland  activist  of Lynn, MA, “demonstrates  clearly Prime Minister May’s  disregard for  the rule of law, justice  and  contempt for the GFA and its support by the US and EU.”  

 Britain’s International Trade Secretary and Brexiteer Liam Fox is working with  U. S.  Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to package a UK-US trade  bailout post Brexit.   Back in the day, Fox  was a Shadow Defense Secretary and  then Defense Secretary (2005-2011)  and played his part in  covering up all the lawless British Army killing and obstructing  of inquiries from the Irish government particularly  regarding the British Army and MI-5 role in the  Dublin-Monaghan bombings and the  Pat Finucane murder. Why is it that Congress can impose a travel ban and financial sanctions on President Putin’s cronies  presumably involved in   the  prison death of Russian whistle blower Sergei Magnitsky while ignoring the role of Fox?  Sean Hood (Long Beach, NY) stated  “ British collaborators and obstructionists  like Bradley, Williamson and Fox  involved in  covering up the killings  of hundreds of innocent civilians should similarly be held accountable.” 

Philadelphia  attorney and ABC President  John Corcoran  welcomed the   formation of  the U. S.  Ad Hoc Committee to Protect the Good Friday Agreement Co-Chaired  by former Members of Congress  Bruce Morrison (CT-D) and James Walsh (NY-R).  In an open letter  to Taoiseach Varadker and   Prime Minister May, the Committee cited  threats to the framework of the peace process, to the principle of consent and to the human rights guarantees of the  EU  Treaty.   Concluded Bob Gessler  Philadelphia businessman and President of the Irish Memorial, “ Britain needs  a sweetheart  trade deal  from a desperate President Trump and only the oversight of Congress is  likely to pry the truth from the British and insure they  fulfill their obligations to the people of Ireland.”  

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