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Pics 1-3 are by Perkin Warbeck

Pic  1

Pic 2

Pic 3

A  Million air their opposition                  c

by Perkin Warbeck.

Last Saturday  while in London  on other business one found oneself inadvertently caught up in this Brexit business. While standing in the Underground station at Green Park on  one’s way to Westminster this  Police announcement came dramatically  over the Tannoy:

 ‘This is an Emergency . Would all intending passengers please leave the station Immediately  and in an orderly fashion for your own safety’.

One has to admit it wasn’t one’s finest moment, as one scrambled frantically over babes in arms, wrinklies with zimmerframes and sundry Sunday Times crossword addicts. Still one did make it first to the top of the escalator.

 ‘Sauve qui peut’ as we Europhiles like to say.

Pics 1 and 2

One  got to add   a number of abrupt  Anglo-Saxon words to one’s vocab, thus showing that it’s not only Brexiteers who are fluent in meaningful vulgarity.

Pic 3:

        This is a bulldog.

         His name is Tariff.

         Tariff is hungry.

          He wants to eat.

          He doesn’t want a traditional English Brexit.

          His favourite food is lapdog.    

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