Warning: hazards ahead

There are some very silly ideas floating around regarding Brexit. 

Prime among these at present is the notion that a change of British prime minister would improve things. Like the arrival of a policeman, it could only make things worse. Who are you going to use as replacement? Michael Gove, who looks more like a startled cocker spaniel every day? Boris Johnson,  who thinks lumbering about  like Churchill means the British people will see him as a reincarnation of the Great Bulldog?  Jeremy Hunt, whose name was mispronounced twice in one morning on BBC Four’s ‘Today’ programme and some people are chuckling still?

None of the many contenders  would rescue the Tory Party or the British people from the epileptic fit into which the British government – and the country – have plunged. Not a day passes but we see that not only are the British government  floundering and going down, but they’re intent on dispensing grave injury on anyone near them.

In today’s Irish Times, there’s an article which outlines some of the damage Brexit will do to children living in areas along the border. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which protect the rights of the child, will no longer apply. This Charter allows children to have a say on matters affecting them, and the right to maintain a  personal relationship with their parents, unless that is deemed damaging to the child. Children in the south will still benefit from the Charter’s protection; children in the north will not. Children who cross the border to go to school, who play various games on an all-Ireland basis, children (and adults) who currently have a GP on the other side of the border or medication from a cross-border pharmacy will face an unknown future.

And of course where the parents – a farming couple, for example – suffer from the withdrawal of EU subsidies, this will directly affect the children in the family also.

In sum,  young people will have their right to work, travel and study, to health facilities, to sporting and cultural activities – all these will be up in the air.

Surveys show that children who have not experienced the Troubles are anxious that their lives will not be blighted as were those of their parents. But like the rest of us, there’s nothing they can do.

Meanwhile, back at Westminster, the Crazy Gang jostle their leader, who has her foot firmly to the floor of the Brexit Express.

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