The American magazine TIME  whose founder, Henry Luce in 1941 was the  harbinger of “The American Century” of global imperialism,  has deemed the leaders of the Irish campaign to legalise the destruction of human life in the womb as “Global Icons.” How the late Mr Luce, the American son  of Christian missionaries in China, would have deemed those campaigners is doubtful. He had a cavalier attitude towards the homicide in a conservative or imperialist cause, but TIME magazine NEVER allied itself with abortion campaigners when it rooted for the wholesale slaughter of alleged Communists in Indo-China..

What Claire Booth Luce, Henry’s journalistically moralising and very publicly Catholic  spouse, would have written about those global icons must remain a mystery. She was such an extremely vigorous and energetic champion of  Anglo American liaison in Washington in the early 1940s that she left Roald Dahl, a handsome hunk and combat-hardened aviator, exhausted.

The IRISH TIMES this week carried a letter signed by some of the over 300 Irish General Practitioners who are offering abortions in their GP surgeries.The life of a human in the womb has been so devalued that is now considered equal to a boil or a bunion, a cyst, a tumour or a verruca.

I would contend that those deemed by TIME magazine as Global Icons could more properly be considered Moral Pariahs.

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