“Stas (Radziwill) was a man of great charm, though not perhaps, of financial probity. According to Auberon Herbert, Stas had walked off with the entire capital of the Polish Red Cross, leaving an ancient Polish general to take the blame. Stas made money with the money,  then as prison doors began to swing open, he restored what he had stolen, without interest. In the 1960 election Stas canvassed Polish-American voters for Jack, who wanted to give him some sort of appointment. The usual FBI re. ort was presented to the President. It is said to have weighed several pounds. Jack was plaintive ‘should I read all this?’
‘No, sir,’he was told ‘Just don’t make the appointment.’ 

From “Palimsest” by Gore Vidal

Lee Radziwill’s Obituary was in THE TIMES about a week ago. Among her dalliances was one with Mick Jagger. Pierre Trudeau’s wife also had a fling with.Jagger and Pierre walloped her.  You might consider them a couple of Slappers.
Obituaries in THE TIMES these days, when not devoted to swashbuckling bounders are of bed-hopping society hostesses.

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