“Man” some say  “is a rational and moral  animal.”  A visitor from another galaxy might dispute that claim.

“Man”  here, embraces woman according to the claim, although some might take umbrage at the notion.

Society, though non existent in Thatcherite philosophy, imposes duties on men and has conscripted them in hundreds of millions to kill or be killed in furtherance of political ends. And where conscription was not imposed, gentle womenfolk have been known to decorate them with white feathers and impute cowardice to them.

Thomas Drummond, Under Secretary for Ireland (1835-1840) was honoured by most Irish people in his,day and into mine. In his time landlords loudly asserted the “rights of property” to dispose of their tenants as they saw fit.This might, and did, include driving them out of their homes to die of exposure.

“PROPERTY” proclaimed Drummond, “HAS ITS DUTIES AS WELL AS ITS RIGHTS.” I first read of Drummond in the SUNDAY PRESS in an article by Frank Gallagher, alias “David Hogan” in the 1950s. Gallagher, Robert Brennan,,Lawrence Ginnell, Erskine Childers, Desmond Fitzgerald, were brilliant writers who directed publicity for Dail Eireann from 1919 to 1922 which refuted the lies peddled by the British Government of the time. A statue of Drummond over his celebrated proclamation used stand in the National Bank in Dublin’s College Green.

Anyhow, men and women are reputed to be social animals endowed with rights and duties.

If a man fathers a child, society imposes a duty that he contribute  to its upkeep, but he has no rights in the matter if the mother exercises her “right” to have the child destroyed. And there are doctors and judges and professors and “intellectuals” who insist that the law is rational and moral.

The heartbeat of the child in the womb can be heard at six weeks and in some American States attempts are being made to have that child’s life defended. Persons not normally given to using classical terminology call the child a foetus as if that were a devaluation justifying its destruction.

If I were to describe a pro-abortion fundamentalist as an “anus” would its protestations smell more or less sweet?

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