THE TIMES of London is currently reproducing the nasty comments it made 100 years ago about the merciless bullying of  German and Austrian delegates in the so called “Peace Conference” which resulted in their abject surrender to the Allied Powers which had waged a long-planned war on them.The surrender, the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919.

The IRISH TIMES (June 24 2019) refers to “THE BITTER PEACE ” in “An Irishman’s Diary” by Ronan McGreevy. McGreevy supports the Allied nonsense about German War Guilt. But neither Germany, Austria nor the Ottoman Empire had planned war on France or Britain. The Allies came in on the side of those who murdered the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, a blameless couple in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, five years to the day before blaming Germany for a war they had planned ten years earlier.

 I quote –
“In the year 1904, on the day when the Anglo-French Entente was announced, I arrived at Dalmeny to visit the late Lord Rosebery. His first greeting to me was:  ‘Well, I suppose you are just as pleased as the rest of them with this French agreement? ‘  I assured him I was delighted that our snarling and scratching relations with France had come to an end at last. He replied: ‘You are all wrong. It means war with Germany in the end!.’

About a year after this prophetical utterance I became for the first time a Minister of the Crown. Had anyone then told me that before I ceased to hold office in the British Cabinet I should not only have witnessed a war between Britain and Germany, but have taken an active, and in fact a leading part inits prosecution, I should have treated such a forecast as one of the many wild predictions of good or evil which every public man is assailed by persons of unbalanced minds.”
David Lloyd George, WAR MEMOIRS Chapter 1.

Lord Rosebery had been Prime Minister in 1894 -1895, succeeding William Gladstone. He was a Liberal  Imperialist.
In 1904 when Lloyd George called on him the Tories were in power with Arthur Balfour as Prime Minister. The following year the Liberals, under Henry Campbell Bannerman, won a landslide victory and Lloyd George became “for the first time a Minister of the Crown.”

Campbell Bannerman was an enlightened,and progressive radical. He resigned in ill health in April 1908 and died a few days later, and was  succeeded by Herbert Asquith, a Liberal Imperialist. Balfour, as Prime Minister had set up the Committee of Imperial Defence, which included Tories and Liberal Imperialists who prepared for war with Germany. They roped Czarist Russia into the conspiracy with the promise of Constantinople. (Britain fought the Crimean War to keep the Russians away from Constantinople, ach sin sceal eile ar fad.

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