Jeremy Hunt: ‘I’m a believer!’


Sometimes the powers-that-be overstep the mark. Most of the time they get away with it. You’ll recall, I’m sure, when Tony Blair was trying to sell his weapons-of-mass-destruction snake-oil, millions of people, particularly in the UK, took to the streets to tell him they didn’t believe him and they were opposed to the invasion of Iraq as the US’s side-kick. That didn’t stop Blair, however: in the troops and tanks and bomber-planes went and Iraq dissolved into chaos. Later – much too late – we heard that hunt as they might, they couldn’t find those pesky WMD.

It looks like we’re at a similar moment now. Trump has obviously been looking for an excuse to attack Iran (it’s the election, stupid) and he now appears to have found it. This may come as a shock to you. You may say “Two tankers were attacked; so how do they know it was Iran?” Trump, predictably, wasn’t bothered with any question of evidence to support his ATTACK IRAN plan. Shamefully, moving at a level which made the average snake feel it had an elevated belly, Jeremy Hunt  jumped in with a me-too: definitely Iran, intolerable, and what did that miserable creep Corbyn just say?

It seems Corbyn the Creep had said there should be no rush to judgement in this matter and we’d  need more than a poor piece of film and Trump’s word for it that this was Iran at work so we must all  ATTACK IRAN. Hunt, being a high-minded man, was near-speechless, but he managed to get out a tweet:

‘Pathetic and predictable. From Salisbury to the Middle East, why can he [Corbyn] never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests?

The answer, Mr Hunt (if that really is your name) is that Jeremy Corbyn has a decades-long record of standing up for those vilified and attacked by the British establishment, and by  sad politicians who would sell their granny if it got them the top Tory job.

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