NOT GIVING A MONKEY’S by Donal Kennedy

“In a series of questions Lavery, who was representing the majority of the victims’ families, suggested that Heath’s lack of interest in events in Northern Ireland stemmed from his knowledge that the public on the mainland cared little for the province.”

THE quotation is from the Obituary of Michael Lavery,  QC  in THE TIMES of May 28 2019.  The QC was reprimanded by Lord Saville, who presided over the Bloody Sunday Enquiry which concluded the victims were blameless, but failed to remark on the shameless travesty of the Widgery Enquiry which exonerated the murderers and their accomplices. Lavery gave as good as he got and did not withdraw his observation or apologise for it.

Michael Lavery  spoke the truth. Most people in Britain don’t  give a monkey’s, a tinker’s curse or a toss for those killed by their troops, sailors and airmen outside their own island. Justice, fair play and humanity have nothing to do with their attitude.

It is estimated that one million Iraqi civilians died as a result of the war unleashed by the USA, Britain and other  stooges of the Americans in 2003. Britain has for centuries had a superb spy system and it is inconceivable that her spooks believed that Saddam Hussein posed any threat to Britain, much less that he could unleash weapons of mass destruction on her territory.

In a just world those who unleashed the war would have been tried before an international court  which excluded citizens of the unleashing countries and tried for war crimes. The rules should have be those at Nuremburg in 1946. And those who merited hanging should have swung. Cameras should have been banned, and gloating witnesses. Saddam Hussein murdered fewer innocents than the USA and its sycophantic accomplices. 

About 200 British service personnel, volunteers all, died in that pointless war.

Many Americans will remember that about 60,000 of their servicemen died in Vietnam. Great though that number is,  millions of Asians, mainly non-combatants, were killed by the Americans. Though all men,
(and women) were supposedly created equal, that notion is not embedded in all American minds .If you’ve caught THE DEERHUNTER you’ll  have seen what I mean.

A few years ago, in St Petersburg, David Cameron boasted that Britain had defeated Fascism. More Russians died in that city when it was besieged by the Nazis than all the American and British fatalities
of WWII.

Approximately 28 million Soviet civilians and service personnel died in the war and 80% of all German military  fatalities were suffered at Soviet hands. Nearly 290,000 fatalities were suffered by the
American in all theatres. An appalling toll, but just over 1% of that of the Soviets. And the British toll was lighter than that of the Americans.

It was only right that the US President was in Britain and France for the D-Day commemorations. The failure to invite the Russian President, whose countrymen bore the greatest burdens and who broke the back of the NAZI war machine, demonstrates a failure of manners and a lack of proportion.

Not giving a monkey’s is no formula for a sane or safe world.

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