I rarely read Editorials from beginning to end. I hadn’t known that Cocaine was a significant factor in their preparation.
I imagined many were the product of invincible ignorance, arrogance and plain dishonesty.
Take London’s Great “Thunderer” THE TIMES. Some years ago when it was mooted that John Hume might be a candidate
for the Irish Presidency the paper had an Editorial denouncing the idea. On the  grounds that Hume was a native of the United
Kingdom. Like the rest of the British papers it purports to be scandalised at the idea of Russia trying to influence an American
election. God knows the British tried to snuff out Bill Clinton’s candidacy from its start and have a long history of trying to influence
American elections. I hear rumours that Israel has done the same, not only in the USA but in the UK also. It’s what countries do –
sometimes by fair means and sometimes by foul. If Putin really wanted an unpredictable clown in the White House perhaps HE
was sniffing Cocaine. But Putin seems to be a rational man with no desire to blow the world up.Trump and Boris Johnson remind
me of James Cagney in WHITE HEAT in their race to be “Top of the World.”

THE IRISH TIMES advertises “The Irish Times View” on every blessed and every damned thing, every day except Sunday, when ,Godlike, it gives itself, and its world a rest. It never occurs to it to go to Specsavers, before pontificating. It can’t merely advertise
 an Editorial, an ephemeral trifle, here today on gone tomorrow.

It has the pomposity of the American Civil War General who used write from his “Headquarters in the Saddle.” His Republican
President (Lincoln) asked that he be advised that his Hindquarters might more properly be there.

Too often the emanations of hindquarters escape from Editorial chairs,

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