“The Southern Taskgroup on Abortion and Reproductive Topics (START), an organisation representing 250 abortion providers, recently estimated that that they are providing between  800 and 900 abortions per month. If that figure is accurate, over the course of a year there will be between 9,600 and 10,800 abortions carried out by these GPS   alone.”   (There are other providers of that service in Ireland.)

  The IRISH TIMES of 21 May carried a Press Release from Dr. Katherine Zappone, Minister For Children,  on the publication    of  the plan “First Five” , Boasting of “Ireland’s  First Ever Strategy For Early Childhood.”

  Since her Department is deeply involved  of the strategy snuffing out children IN UTERO she might be dubbed Dr.Zappemall. As for the other abortionists calling themselves “Start” , I suppose we might expect to seen Condoms stamped “Nihil Obstat” ? 

  I presume “Reproductive Topics” is Newspeak for Child Destruction. I may be wrong, but believe that the right of humans
to reproduce was rejected by Planned Parenthood and that Scandinavian countries and many American States sterilized
  people against their will from the 1920s on. In India,with the encouragement and participation of Western medics, many
  were forcibly sterilised during Mrs Gandhi’s Premiership. And men were persuaded to renounce paternity with the bribe
  of cheap transistor radios worth about thirty shillings. I suppose many boasted of the wonderful device they had got for a 
  snip. At the prompting of Marie Stopes an MP introduced a Bill at Westminster for the compulsory sterilisation of those
  classes she considered unworthy of human rights. Westminster rejected the Bill.


Like THE IRISH TIMES, London’s OBSERVER has pages headed “Comment and Analysis.”  Prudent commentators,
you’d think, would analyse a subject before spouting about it. The Organs named habitually blot their copy with EJACULATIO PRAECOX.  Without apology or embarrassment.

The OBSERVER of 19 May has two articles on abortion each in its support.Plurality of opinion on the matter is rarely tolerated.The one by Catherine Bennett is headlined “From Alabama to Armagh, women are on the front line waging the “war on abortion”  At least she acknowledges that not all women approve of abortion. The photograph accompanying her piece shows two women, described as “Pro-Choice campaigners in Atlanta, Georgia” outside an abortion clinic, One carries a placarding saying “TRUST WOMEN” (even those who oppose abortion?) while the other has one proclaiming “Reproductive Freedom For All.”  Both wear red cloaks from necks to toes, and their eyes and noses are obscured by white headgear. They face the world with all the secrecy of the KU KLUX KLAN.

In the same issue Erin Durkin quotes Jenna King-Shepherd, a wealthy celebrity and “Reproductive Rights Campaigner” –
This abortion ban is an assault on the poor and women of colour.”   The Ban on abortions was passed by Alabama’s
legislators and signed by the State’s Governor, and could be struck down or upheld by the US Supreme Court. A pro-
abortion State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison introduced an Amendment that would have required Alabama to pay
childbirth costs and provide healthcare for a child up to the age of 13. But most Americans would regard such  civilised            provision as an emanation from hell, whilst approving  abortion on demand.

It is weird though how Staci Fox, president of  Planned Parenthood Southeast weeps for poor women and “women of colour” considering how forced sterilisation of the poor and the blacks was promoted by her/his predecessors on just such people. The late James Baldwin, black novelist and essayist, attacked the abortion advocates.

THE SUNDAY TIMES of May 19th wades in on the same side as THE OBSERVER, with an article by Sarah Baxter. It is headed “A roar of defiance from the old, ugly Alabama.” The sub-heading ban takes me back to my childhood in the roiling US South.”
Baxter is British and lived in Montgomery, Alabama in the 1960s where her father was posted by the RAF. Montgomery was the epicentre of the Civil Rights Movement, where Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on a bus to a white man, where Governor George Wallace had declared for “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. She
says that growing  up there gave her a confidence in progress, believing Martin Luther King’s hopeful claim that “the arc
of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

It’s 51 years since King was murdered and the West’s Governments have never got themselves a moral compass.They
have unleashed wars killing millions on faked dossiers. The RAF, founded as a terrorist force, according to the British historian AJP Taylor, in the 1920s “policed” Iraq using tactics copied by the Luftwaffe in Guernica much later, and was still at that task90 years later.  Progress Ms Baxter?  

Only someone with a heart of stone, or shit for brains, could support the killing of a child with a beating heart.

On the question of “Reproductive Rights” the still venerated pioneers of “Planned Parenthood”  Margaret Sanger in the USA and Marie Stopes in Britain did not espouse “Freedom of Choice.”  They vehemently opposed it. Both advocated  forced sterilisation, Sanger with great success, Stopes unsuccessfully in Britain. How Marie Stopes International fared I don’t know. Both were against the poor, and the “lesser breeds” amongst whom they both numbered black and “coloured” people. Stopes reserved her greatest hatred for Irish Catholics. Her numerous writings suggest that she reserved all of her love for Marie Stopes alone.

Though Sanger purported to abhor ignorance her successors at Planned Parenthood oppose  oppose ultra-sound scans in early pregnancy lest the mother hear her child’s heartbeat and soften her own heart towards  that of her child. her child and consequently decide it be allowed to continue beating.

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