I don’t know what Nutter thought of inviting Bob Geldof to appear or be heard on television in a programme celebrating the survival in beauteous old age and acclamation as “SAOI” or “SAGE” of Edna O’Brien.

Geldof hasn’t the grace to wash, shave, visit a barber, comb his hair and tidy his appearance when invited to appear on television, His appearance on a screen is an
insult to John Logie Baird and a distortion of Marshal McLuhan’s assertion that the Medium is the Message. The Medium that hosts Geldof is both a Mess and  amiss.

Averting one’s eyes  from the screen is not enough when Geldof spews witless obscenities in a mock working class Dublin accent. He poses as a Ragged-Schooled
Philanthropist. Entertainers from the slums and stews of New Orleans and other poor backgrounds have generally dressed smartly in life. And, before  dying from
Syphilis in “St  James’s Infirmary” left instructions  that they be buried in style with a gold watch and chain,  Scruffiness is an affectation of grammar school and public
school rockers in England.

King Leopold of  the Belgians posed as the Benefactor  of   Africans  but was exposed as a fraud by the South-Dubln-born Roger Casement . A later  King of
the Belgians, apparently unaware of the exposure, gave glowing account of Leopold’s  conduct   when supposedly bestowing “Independence”  on the  Congo
in 1960, provoking an outbreak of violence that is now in its 60th year.

By appealing for our contributions to Live Aid, Geldof assumed the mantle once worn by Leopold, and acquired the immunity enjoyed by Jimmy Savile,  RolfHarris and the
(better-dressed) Bill Cosby, Geldof assumed the mantle of Leopold, and a sense of entitlement that convinced him he was immune from criticism. He hob-knobbed with 
influential people, not least the Prince of Wales, who used his position to keep Wilfrid Ball, convicted paedophile and Bishop of the Church of England, out of prison and
comfortably embedded in a Grace and Favour pad on his estate. Geldof’s foul-mouthed diatribe against the Catholic Church in these circumstances suggest a lack of irony.

A lack of self-awareness goes with his lack of irony. Edna O’Brien was punched as a child by her drunken father, and as a young woman abused and her earnings from
her writing misappropriated by  her husband, In her ninetieth year she presents as healthy, happy and beautiful.

Perhaps she is lucky that as a girl or as a woman she was never kissed by the likes of Bob Geldof or indeed a Prince of Wales.

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