Faked News, Pathe News, Agenda-Driven Polemicists and Two Gentlemen Named Pollard – by Donal Kennedy

Nearly 120 years ago a fake newsreel was shot on London’s Hampstead Heath purporting to show scenes from South Africa where  the UK  was waging war.

In 1920 Pathe News shot a fake newsreel purporting to show the aftermath of a (non-existent) ambush at Tralee, County Kerry, but Dubliners  recognised  thefashionable, seaside Vico Road in County Dublin, nearly 200 miles from Tralee. Stills from that fake newsreel are still recycled as genuine footage, as are the lies put about by Britain’s Black Propaganda gang in Dublin Castle at the time. (See any of my Blogs on THE IRISH BULLETIN, Dail Eireann’s daily news sheet which exposed the liars.)

I watched part of BBC Panorama’s TV “Investigation” of charges of anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party on Wednesday night, And then checked Wikipedia to find out about its “Investigator” John Ware.  I thought  “Johnware”  might make a good  brand name for Americal lavatory bowl but kept an open mind.

John Ware has done some first rate work with Paorama Exposing the Blairite skulduggery in twisting the arm of Health Secretary Frank Dobson to run for the Mayoralty of London to bury Ken Livingstone. The skulduggery failed and Livingston won the mayoralty comfortably.

John Ware exposed the skulduggery of Lady Porter , Thatcherite Leader of Westminster Council,millionaire daughter of Tesco’s founder, in evicting poorer Council
Tenants so the Tories would retain control,

He exposed police and other malpractice.

In 2005 he produced “A QUESTION OF LEADERSHIP” described by its target “The Muslim Council of Britain” as “Unfair and a Witch Hunt.”

In 2006, again with Panorama, he presented “HATE AND CHARITY”   and  accused the British Based  “Palestinian Relief” of funding terrorism. THE CHARITY COMMISSION
condemned the programme. The Muslim Council of Great Britain described Ware as “An Agenda driven pro-Israeli polemicist.”

In 2010 John Ware’s  “BRITISH SCHOOLS, ISLAMIC RULES” was condemned as “partial and unfair.” by the British Council of Muslims.

In 2015 THE WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST ORGANISATION on the occasion of his being given a “Commitment to Media” award, applauded John Ware for being sympathetic to Jewish concerns. {You might think every decent person should be sympathetic to human concerns, Jewish or Gentile .But Ware appears incapable of treading the Via Media?)  It was the occasion for the Editor of London’s Jewish Chronicle, STEPHEN POLLARD to remark –

“I tell our trainees at the Jewish Chronicle that if there is one person they should model themselves on, it is John Ware.”

Readers of my blog of 11 July 2019 “HUNGARY’S OSKAR SHINDLER” should be told that it was sent on 21st November 2010 in response to an article published under
that heading that day. The paper did not publish it or any other letter making my point.

So I sent it to the then Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, believing that he or she, ,like most Jewish people I’ve known, it would be reasonable  a Gentleman or Lady.

I did not get an acknowledgement. I now know the Editor is no Gentleman and he appears to encourage the kind of polemics that can only end in suffering, bloodshed  and tears.

As it happens it was another Pollard (deemed a Gentleman, because he was a Captain in His Britannic Majesty’s Forces)  who arranged the  Pathe  News stunt on Dublin’s Vico Road in 1920.

Presumably still in His Majesty’s Service, in July 1935 Hugh Pollard flew a small plane from London to the Canary Islands to pick up a Spanish officer, posted there to keep
him out of mischief. He flew the passenger, Francisco Franco, to Spanish Morocco, apparently to HM Government’s satisfaction, for when Franco got to Madrid in 1940, Pollard, now a Major or Colonel, was MI6’s man at the British Embassy there

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