Hungary’s Oskar Schindler by Donal Kennedy

Guy Walters’ s review of “To Save a People” (Nov 21) is prefaced by the statement about its subject-

“He saved thousands of Jews from the gas chambers, but Raoul Wallenberg is now an almost forgotten figure.”

Really?    Wllenberg has been a subject of a play by Douglas Murray, a young protege of Education Secretary Michael Gove. He is also the subject of one of the essays on courage by ex-Prime  Minister Gordon Brown. There are statues of Raoul Wallenberg in London, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv, and a monument in Sydney.The United States, Canada and Hungary conferred posthumous citizenship on him. He was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The USA, Hungary and Australia issued postage stamps in his honour.

He deserved these honours for his heroism in saving innocent lives.

But another Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte did likewise. In 1948 his funeral was attended by UN Secretary General Trygve Lie, United States Secretary of State George Marshal and British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin amongst other dignitaries.

But his life and his death have been airbrushed out of history .

Now that Michael Gove has appointed Professor Simon Schama as his”History Czar”  I fondly hope that the Cyclops view of history is replaced by binocular vision.

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