Jeremy Corbyn and trial by television

In all the huffing and puffing on last night’s Panorama programme, one key matter was not addressed:has Jeremy Corbyn been guilty of anti-Semitic remarks? There’s a good reason for that: because the ‘investigating’ team wouldn’t have been able to find them. As everyone knows, or should know, Jeremy Corbyn has spent most of his life battling for beleaguered minorities. But somehow, the BBC and other impartial mainstream media have managed to set him in a cess-pool of anti-Semitism, and he’s going to have to fight very hard to get clean of its smell and filth.

Consider, if you will, the to-be leader of the party Labour opposes, the Tory Party.  Has Boris Johnson (for it will be Johnson, let’s not kid ourselves) ever issued an anti-Semitic remark? Not that I know of. But he’s been round the houses with a  fair deal of other stuff. Such as comparing Muslim women to letter-boxes. Or bank robbers. (Indeed, Virginia: if Corbyn had compared Jews to bank robbers, would he have survived as leader? You know the answer and so do I). And then there those ‘piccaninnies’ with the water-melon smiles. And his relationship with his current girl-friend: supposing Corbyn had been recorded rowing with his partner and she wss heard yelling “Get off me!” – would he have survived?

Here’s the thing: if you roll around in muck for long enough, you’ll be accepted, even hailed as a shocking but loveable rogue. Ask D Trump. But if you’re Jeremy Corbyn and you look as though you’re serious about  addressing poverty and austerity in Britain, you’d better look out. The vista for the Tories and their media toadies is too appalling to be contemplated and they’ll go for you. Believe me, I  know.

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