A few years ago  in Cork the graves of  the patriots Tomas McCurtain, Terence MacSwiney and Tom Barry were desecrated. It seems the outrage was not deemed newsworthy by at least one “national” newspaper and its letters editor did not deem a letter concerning it worthy of publication.

In September 2010 I wrote to one editor concerning the desecration of the grave of Charles Haughey, and its apparent approval in his paper’s columns. My letter was not deemed worthy of publication

,Some organs of opinion regard nothing sacred and are running scared of standing for any principles. A great patriot said that he would appeal to that respectable body – the Men of No Property.  In this age of gender equality it seems that the Men and Women of No Principles  can expect deference from the media. 

Today’s “Republican” Ireland exhibits an intolerance and bigotry at variance with the Republic whose flag once gave it inspiration.

Some years ago a Cross was erected at the top of Carrantuohill 3,400 ft above sea level and it was removed by some energetic anti-Christian bigot.

In secular France, where Church and State have been rigidly separate since 1905 Crucifixes stand at crossroads, in the centre of towns, on the tops of hills and mountains, kept in perfect condition and unvandalized. In the Dordogne and Normandy recently this was evident everywhere.
Though most Frenchmen, women and children never darken a church door, those who want to go to Mass on a Holy Day, do not have to ask their bosses’ permission to take an unofficial half-hour off work, as Catholics have to do in “priest-ridden” Ireland.

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