The IRISH TIMES VIEW, predictably, is uncritically supportive of the “Green” activism of sixteen year old Greta Thunberg
The Swedish child admits that she had no friends and has Asperger’s Syndrome. People with Asperger’s are frequently brilliant at memorizing  encyclopaedic  lists, at mathematics and playing games such as Bridge, but are inclined to being excessively single-minded, lacking empathy with other human beings .They  can be useful agents for organisations with questionable agendas.

Global warming long predated not only the Industrial Revolution, but life, human, animal,piscine, insect and plant on Earth.  Eruptions and disturbances on the Sun caused them.  

Human activity, rampant destruction of forests and pollution of land, sea and air have since caused havoc in some places and, unless intelligently employed, now threaten the planet. But Carbon s one of the components of life. Intelligent re-afforestation could absorb the surplus carbon which is dangerous. According to the founder of Greenpeace, himself a scientist, who left the organisation when he believed it had gone off the rails.

Some Green Activists believe, that to save the earth, human beings should stop breeding. The Reverend Malthus preached that doctrine 200 years ago. His disciples thought that the Irish, and the poor everywhere, should be denied the right to choose to have children. Liberal Democracies – the United States and Scandinavia to the fore, forcibly sterilised many innocent citizens until quite recently.

Winston Churchill was Vice-President of the British Eugenics Society and supported enforced sterilisation .A  Bill was introduced in Parliament with that object but was defeated, despite its advocacy bythe self-styled “God’s Prophet,” Marie  Stopes.

Marie Stopes had an opinion of the Irish, incidentally, scarcely distinguishable from that of THE IRISH TIMES.

Ach sin sceal eile which I may return to anon.

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