Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

“My good friend  Raymond McCord of Belfast has received remarkable and well-deserved public recognition for his

long campaign for justice for his murdered son, Raymond Jr. His many  supporters in Congress, and throughout the Irish-American community, will share my delight. 

Since 1997, Raymond —from a Protestant/Unionist background—has waged a heroic campaign for truth and justice for his son. Because young Raymond was murdered in collusion with  British agents and informers, the crime was covered up  and , in effect, condoned by the Northern Ireland police and British government… Yet, Raymond Sr. never gave up, could not be intimidated, and still fights on against powerful odds. I am proud to stand with this intrepid Belfast Protestant. Ecumenism is at its authentic best when Protestant and Catholics not only come together in reconciliation but especially when they struggle together in solidarity against State-sponsored injustice, collusion  and violence in Northern Ireland.”—Fr. Sean McManus

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