Saturday pics of the week

Pics 1-8 are by John Patton

“I have known of Gabhla for 60 years and finally got to visit it in June. In some ways , a microcosm of emigration Ireland. Fishing and stock grazing supported a population of around 100 until the middle of the last century with an enrolment of 48 pupils in the scoil. There are some holiday homes there now and work is slowly proceeding on restoring some family homes.  

Cliabhán na bPáistí was a shock , although having experienced Oileán na Marbh near Rannafast, I should have been prepared for the historical , Irish,  clerical treatment of unbaptised children.

The island is idyllically situated,  a short boat trip from Bunbeg  and was at its most splendid when I went there on one of the hottest days in June. So bright that I fitted an ND4 filter on my lens ( a piece of black glass) to control exposures. 

Well worth the €10 boat trip.”

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