THE BRITISH FORCES NETWORK IN IRELAND: Part Five: Enter Lord Goodman- A Fixer Without Peer


One of the Twentieth Century’s Most Colourful, indeed  Intriguing, figures, Arnold Goodman (1913-1995) now enters our story, indeed the whole world’s story, as interpreted or invented, by THE IRISH TIMES. He had a long and impressive CV, including- Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain Chairman of British Lion Films Governor of The Royal Shakespeare Company Master of University College Oxford

On his death, a fellow Peer, Lord Portman, alleged that Goodman had stolen ten million pounds from Lord Portman’s family trust over thirty years.

When the Daily Mirror had a story about Lord Boothby’s homosexual relationship with the gangster Ronnie Kray, Goodman secured an out of Court payment 0f £40, 000 to Boothby, who enjoyed young men supplied him by the gangster, while continuing a thirty-year affair with Lady Dorothy MacMillan’ wife of  Harold MacMillan, which had produced a daughter.

Goodman became Harold Wilson’s “Mr Fixit” and in 1974 set up the secret and secretive, oath-bound, IRISH TIMES TRUST which made Major Tom McDowell, Dictator for Life.

I seem to remember an Officer in CATCH 22 who required the men queueing up for breakfast to take the Oath of Allegiance every morning before being served. It is alleged that All Governors of THE IRISH TIMES TRUST and all Directors of THE IRISH TIMES LTD. are required to take an Oath of Secrecy every year in the presence of a Solicitor who brings a Bible along with Him/Her. Even the gender of the Solicitor may be a secret.

Although Major Tom died in 2009, still dictating the policy and practice of THE IRISH TIMES the Oath-Bound Trust survives keeping the paper
subservient to British Imperial delusions. If Stephen Daedalus found Irish Art best  represented  by the cracked looking-glass of a servant, “THE IRISH TIMES’ VIEW”  would  appear to be blinkered within the   the various orifices of John Bull.

You may be wondering how, in today’s Pluralist Ireland, the country’s other media haven’t spilt the beans on the Tara Street-Wa*kers of THE

I’ll touch on that in Part Six.

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