THE BRITISH FORCES’ NETWORK IN IRELAND: Part Seven: The Silence of the Sheep by Donal Kennedy

In Part Six I mentioned the Prudence of Sir Anthony O’Reilly’s  Daily, Evening and Sunday, newspapers based in Dublin to mention, much less exploit, the  discovery of the “WHITE NIGGER LETTER” in 2003, written in 1969 by British Ambassador Sir Andrew Gilchrist’ which resulted in Lord Goodman’s creation of the oath-bound IRISH TIMES TRUST which made the monocle-wearing Major Tom MacDowell, an MI5 agent, Dictator for Life over the IRISH TIMES and restricted the paper’s airing of news and opinions which would not find tolerance,
let alone sympathy in Mi5, MI6 or other British agencies.

A great proportion of local weekly papers in Ireland was owned by Sir Anthony O’Reilly and journalists knew better than to incur the displeasure of his editors. THE IRISH PRESS GROUP had collapsed in 1995. The one-time scourge of censorship, Conor Cruise O’Brien,  in  Government   1973-1977(as a Labour TD!) had the portfolio of Posts and Telegraphs, but extended his remit to newspapers.  He kept a file of citizens’ letters published in the IRISH PRESS, but blabbed to a journalist from THE WASHINGTON POST, which had exposed the Watergate burglary and brought down Richard Nixon, that he wanted to see IRISH PRESS Editor Tim Pat Coogan imprisoned. The American journalist informed Tim Pat, who remained free, but in 1977 O’Brien’s constituents gave O’Brien the Bum’s Rush in the General Election. His constituency returned 5 TDs under the PR system, but no longer had time or space for the Cruiser.

O’Brien got elected to the Senate, for Trinity College Dublin, whose Electors at  hat time, Graduates of the University were overwhelmingly from Protestant, Unionist, backgrounds, like those who had, in earlier times, sent Edward Carson as an MP to the Commons in Westminster. Today the overwhelming majority of Trinity students and graduates are drawn from the Irish population at large. O’Brien, from his ivory tower in Trinity sniped at Republicans and their Nationalist fellow citizens, as in 1916 snipers from Trinity fired on Republicans in the GPO. Later O’Brien took up the position of Editor in Chief of London’s Observer. The paper had once, when Kim Philby was on the British Intelligence payroll, had given Philby cover as a journalist, which he used to abscond to the Soviet Union. They were better served by O’Brien, who served Britain, according as he saw her interests,to the end. His judgement was eccentric,supporting the SDP, a vanity project for the brilliant Roy Jenkins and not-so-bright David Owens. Jenkins was finally beaten at the polls by Screaming Lord Sutch.

During the Cruiser’s brief Ministerial career, the Irish Justice Minister, Paddy Cooney, decreed that teachers should tell those in their charge that the IRA were the cause of all violence
in Ireland. Besides the fact that he was instructing teachers to lie, it is surely outside the remit of Cabinet Ministers to tell teachers to brainwash their students. Cooney is the nephew of
General Sean MacEoin, the heroic Blacksmith of Ballinalee, who, ten years before Cooney’s birth, was awaiting the British hangman, in Mountjoy Prison, convicted of murder, whilst British Ministers and their agents told lies such as Cooney has adopted.

Perhaps the majority of paid communicators in Ireland knew exactly and in what proportion various persons and bodies contributed to the violence in Ireland. The British Forces’
Network in Ireland accounted for THE SILENCE OF THE SHEEP.


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