Are we all equal before the law? Pardon me while I roll on the floor shrieking

 So here’s the scene. You go off and buy a wrecking-ball machine. You arrange for it to be driven to the local town hall and you force everyone to stand clear while you give full vent to your destructive tendency.  Then a cop appears and says “Hey you!  Put away that wrecking ball and stop telling those people where they can and can’t gather.” “Oh yeah?” you say. “Who’s going to stop me?”. At that moment the local judge is passing, He jumps out of his car and says “No two ways about it. This man has broken the law. Seven years in prison”  So you’re taken away in a van  and locked up.

You’re ahead of me, I can see. I’ve been listening to report after report about the judgement of the Supreme Court, saying that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he prorogued – oh FFS – when he suspended  Parliament. He had no right to do that – he acted unlawfully – when he did that. But every single pundit and every single caller has somehow managed to avoid talking about the normal consequences of breaking the law: a fine or imprisonment. The worst that will happen to Boris, it seems, is he may have to avoid trying another suspension.

You’re found guilty of breaking the law, you’re sent to prison.  I break the law, I’m definitely sent to prison. Boris breaks the law-  ah sure he was a bit hasty. He’s a great laugh, though, isn’t he? Can’t afford to lose a character as colourful as that from British politics.

I mean, What. The. Fuck. Am. I. Missing?

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