I believe in yesterday

Was yesterday a good or a bad day? It was a bad day for Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.  Britain’s Supreme Court found unanimously that Johnson had acted unlawfully by suspending parliament.  In the US, the Democratic Party finally decided to go for it and see if they can impeach Donald Trump for using aid to Ukraine as a bargaining hammer to get some  dirt on Hunter Biden, presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son.

Johnson’s defence is, when boiled down: “It’s only the Supreme Court judges’ opnions.”  He told a press conference in New York that he had deep respect for the Supreme Court but disagreed profoundly with their interpretation of the law. The sub-text of that , which he hopes will get through to his followers, is “These guys are unelected and part of the establishment and part of the Remain campaign to frustrate the people’s will.”  That’s a handy let’s-get-them-back cosh to bring into  a general election.

Trump, who was sitting beside him at the press conference, said the question about Johnson’s illegal action had been “very nasty”, Boris was a great guy and he was going nowhere (no, Virginia, he didn’t mean Boris was planning to settle in New York. ) That was before Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party had announced they were finally going to go for impeachment of Trump over the Ukraine affair. Pelosi and some other Democrats have held back for months, even years, before heading down Impeachment Road, fearing that it’d galvanize Trump’s supporters and lose the Democrats the 2020 election. So they must feel pretty confident that they can nail him with this one, what American columnist Maureen O’Dowd calls ‘the Big One’ .

I wish parties on both sides of the Atlantic good luck with their efforts. Knowing the brazen nature of the two Blonds, it’s reasonable to worry they won’t turn these moves into weapons against their opponents, claiming that they , Blond 1 and Blond 2, represent the people and these greedy political and establishment insiders are conspiring against the people’s will.  We’re in senior hurling territory here: these two guys are dangerous.

I’d still like to know why it is that presidents or prime ministers who are found to have acted unlawfully receive, at worst, their P45 and a million dollars for their memoirs.

OK, after me: “Lock.Them. Up!”

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