Saturday pics of the week


Pics 1-3 are by Perkin Warbeck

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

                      WHEN    LOVELY   MOLLY   SWOOPS   TO    FOLLY   BROLLY

Griangrafanna faoin ghrian: 1, 2 agus 3.

1.The Molly Malone of Malta, spotting a gap in the market, has opted to become a pundit.

Inundated by  both a  sea and a sky of triumphalist  blue, and with the cockles of her muscular heart duly warmed  she has based her unassuming prediction on the following:

2. Now that the Drive for Five has been parked and hosed, the innate modesty of her gentle sex prevents her from going beyond a tentative:

3. Overdrive for Five by  Five.

Perkin Warbeck.

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