The Supreme Court will find against Bojo today. Or will it?

If I had careful sense (not to be confused with common sense), I’d postpone the writing of this blog until after 10.30  this morning. That’s when the British Supreme Court will deliver its judgement on Boris Johnson’s ‘proroguing’ of parliament. But I’ve made it a life-long rule to be as careless with my sense as possible.

It’s now 8.35 a m and I’m saying the Supreme Court will rule against Boris Johnson in his proroguing of parliament. There, how’s that for careless prediction? Mind you, I had a peek at the Betfair bookies and they’re offering odds of 2/9 that the court will find against Johnson. In other words, they’re pretty sure it’ll be a kick in the teeth for the blond one at 10.30 this morning.

But will it? Johnson has begun to resemble Trump to such an extent it’s kinda frightening. Trump has been found lying so often, people have lost count; and yet Trump goes sailing on, saying things like “Greta Thumberg seems a happy young girl with a bright future” on the same day she nearly exploded with rage and frustration against the greedy states that love money more than life on this planet. Likewise Johnson is perfectly capable of mounting another close-down of parliament, in the belief that it will eat up some more time and stop MPs from saying what a total, down-the-tubes, violence-in-the-streets calamity a no-deal Brexit would be.

It’s simple. First you get power, preferably through election. Then you do whatever you want, as long as you can persuade a section of the electorate that you’re acting in their interests and are their champion against the Elite. Leo and the EU had better have covered all the angles between now and 31 October.

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