Border posts are coming! No, wait…

Well that’s that cleared up.  There are going to be border posts some ten miles back on either side of the border, after 31 October. Leaked documents have made this clear.

But hold. Here’s B Johnson, bustling into the Today studio in London, to make it clear that that’s not going to happen, what was leaked was an earlier idea they were kicking around but which they’ve binned since. So that’s OK.

Except it raises two questions. What were Johnson and Co thinking of, when they even imagined at one stage that the border posts would work? Had he discussed this with Leo and had Leo said “Oh, OK, Boris” or “Take a walk, big boy”? Maybe the British cabinet was on drugs – has anyone asked Boris if he inhaled during his time at Oxford? That Cummings guy looks a bit wasted, don’t you think?

Second question raised is, why is Boris being so coy, this late in the day, about telling us what his Great Big Plan is? Maybe the idea is to hit Ireland and the EU with a proposal so novel they won’t have time to think it through but will be dazzled by its shiny exterior and will cry “Yes!  This avoids crash-out and also a border! Hooray for Boris!”  And then later, maybe, Ireland and the EU will unwrap the package and probe into it and find it’s full of fudge.

Armageddon does appear to be on its way. But hey – don’t knock it. When’s the last time you scrutinized the news the way we’re doing now? Right, Watergate. And I haven’t even mentioned Boris’s alter ego, D Trump Esq.

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