Nigel Dodds and the great Sea change

Does Nigel Dodds think the people in our sweet statelet are mentally defective?  That they will accept that what was declared black yesterday is today white, simply because he says it is?

You’ll remember that Theresa May’s deal was sunk because it included a backstop which would have made an economic distinction between our sordid statelet and the rest of the UK. Never mind that no constitutional change could have happened except a majority here explicitly voted for it. Like it or lump it, a  border in the Irish Sea was something the DUP would not swallow. And as they jabbed a sharp political stick in her rear, Theresa May said she as PM would not allow any such distinction either, and no British PM ever would. No mention was made of the for-years distinction made in terms of animals coming from Britain to Ireland. Both the DUP and May knew this UK-NI differentiation existed but neither was prepared to say a word about it.

Now today Nigel Dodds is on the radio saying a border in the Irish Sea is fine because they “have consented to it.”  EH?  See that animal over there? It’s a cat. But tomorrow, I’m going to agree with myself it’s a hedgehog. It becomes a hedgehog because I give my consent to its metamorphosis.

For Nigel, this new line that he and his party  (Yes, Virginia, it IS  his party,  not Arlene’s, and she can cry if she wants to)…Where was I? Ah yes, Nigel and his party have done a hand-brake turn but that’s OK, it’s by democratic consent. 

Sure it is, Nigel. A majority of people in our sad statelet do not vote for the DUP. In fact, a lot of people who have voted for the DUP in the past, business and farming people, may not do so again as they see their means of making a living go down the tubes. Our grim little NE spot’s very existence 100 years ago had everything to do with the threat of violence and nothing to do with democracy. Yet here’s Nigel telling us that today’s cat is tomorrow’s hedgehog, because he has freely called it so and a minority is a majority.

We may only pray that Nigel’s ever-loving wife Diane doesn’t some morning ask him to pass the marmalade, because she could well end up dipping her knife into a jar of slugs.


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