Since 1983 the Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC)  has been working nationwide  in a non-partisan, non-sectarian manner to advocate the end of partition in Ireland  AND begin the  democratic re-unification.  This we have done  by promoting protests,  political debate, education, the protection of human rights,  investigation of lawless actions of British security forces, advocacy for the MacBride Fair Employment and the McGuinness Principles.  We have joined forces with other organizations to assist the families of those subject to a brutal and corrupt N. I. justice system, to oppose extradition and deportation proceedings for those fleeing the conflict and to  assist organizations in Northern Ireland in their efforts to obtain truth and justice for the victims of   oppression. 

Since the 1998 Belfast Treaty (aka Good Friday Agreement) there has been over two decades without  an armed conflict.  During that time,  cooperation between the Republic and Northern Ireland and between the EU and UK has produced  140 programs and initiatives relating to social services, transportation, electricity and water regulation, and trade.  All  would be threatened or impaired by  Britain’s exit from the EU.  The  economy of the island of Ireland as a whole will be severely impacted  if there is a  no-deal EU exit;  the agriculture and export sectors hit hardest.  The IAUC has supported the work of  America’s  Special Envoys to Ireland appointed by President’s Clinton, Bush and Obama and  conducted its own fact-finding missions in Northern Ireland during tensions around contentious parades and to conduct its own inquiry into security forces killings . 

We appeal to  Members of Congress:  (1)  to oppose any Brexit disruption  of commercial  activity and economic growth in all of Ireland; (2)  to oppose  efforts by  Britain to undermine and obstruct   hundreds of investigations required by Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights into the killings of civilians by  British security forces;  (3)  to object to efforts of the British to cover-up their lawless actions in NI with an  all-purpose ‘national security veto of investigations into collusion killings ; and (4)  to remind the British that their efforts to unilaterally grant amnesty for  security officers  involved in killing civilians is a flagrant violation of both the spirit and intent of the GFA.

We further ask  that consideration of a new  post-Brexit UK-US trade deal be postponed until the British address the above issues and provide assurances with respect to how they will be addressed.


Joseph Roche                  Judge Andy Somers                Jim Gallagher

National President           National President                 National President

Bel Air MD                           Fitchburg WI                              Niantic CT

1981-83     1997-1999 & 2004-2006   1999-2003

Thomas J Burke Jr

National President

Denver  CO


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