“It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good”.

The Queen of England or her successor is expected to reap personally hundreds of millions of pounds from wind farms around the coast expected to be created  to protect life on earth. The Monarch has been known to worry about the cost of keeping her personal golf course,and the decommissioning of the Royal “Yacht” Britannia amongst other necessities, whilst her Consort has been known to complain about the burden of having to shell out for the upkeep of his Polo ponies. 

The Queen has bowed to “Political Correctness” by eschewing real fur and wearing Faux Fur and any day now I expect the Vermin in Ermine in the House of Peers to follow Her Gracious Example. 

Little of the Winds of Change created by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and the Apocalyptic Climate Alarmists has to do with the protection of Human Life. A letter in defence of human life in the womb has less chance of being published in mainstream papers than one protesting the forced feeding of geese. David Attenborough, whose wildlife programmes are brilliant, wants to reduce the human population of the planet, and Prince Philip, already a Louse, would like to return to earth as a virus to wipe us out. Faux Compassion, Faux Morals, contribute to a Faux For All.                              

On a lighter note I hope you like the story of the two women talking about their husbands’ work. “My husband works for Cunard and gets £40,000 a year.”……”My husband works very hard too and gets a mealsly twenty thou.”

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