And so farewell, Tom Watson. Glad to see you go.

I wish Tom Watson every good thing in his future career, now that he’s decided to leave his work as a Labour MP.  I also wish he had made that decision about six years ago.

He was elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party at the same time that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader. The election of the latter alarmed Blairite MPs such as Watson, and they made several attempts to have him ousted as leader. In public appearances Watson was by Corbyn’s side, but the impression was that of a prisoner and his jailer, with Corbyn as prisoner and Watson jailer.

You may not agree with Corbyn’s policies. You may not think much of him as a leader. But clearly the Labour Party thought sufficient of him to elect him, and resisted attempts from within to depose him. They would be fools not to unite around him now, in order to get rid of the imminent danger that Boris Johnson will become prime minister and begin his work of dismantling the welfare state, selling off choice chunks of the NHS to venture capitalists and vultures from the US and UK.

They say you know a person by their friends and by their enemies.  Donald Trump has declared Boris Johnson his friend and Jeremy Corbyn as his enemy. ‘Nuff said.

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