Arms, Men, and Moral Compasses by Donal Kennedy

I recently watched one and a bit of a series on Britain’s latest aircraft carrier, the largest and most lethal ship in Britain’s naval history.

Its cost, the technology, the intelligence, skills and courage of all involved was to be marvelled at. Its huge crew of this surface vessel
might as well be in a submerged submarine for they rarely see daylight or moonlight. For all their technical skills and intelligence they
might as well be troopers with the Light Brigade at Balaclava. For it is not for them to reason why, but to do or die at the whim of political
clowns who might condemn them and the rest of humanity to oblivion.

I understand that certain submarine commanders carry sealed orders to be opened if all life in Britain is obliterated by a nuclear attack.
And that those orders are to destroy all life in the state believed to have attacked Britain. I’m neither a philosopher nor a theologian but
I reckon that those orders derive from a disordered mind. The knowledge that members of Her Majesty’s British Cabinet have been known to snort cocaine gives me no comfort.

The knowledge that Jeremy Corbyn would not unleash a nuclear war upsets many people. The decision to acquire the atom bomb was taken by Clement Attlee and few others and was not discussed by Parliament, Cabinet or Party Conference, so far as I know. Just as the decision to crush Germany was made and planned for by the secretive Committee for Imperial Defence ten years before the opportunity arose in 1914.  Corbyn is not a warmonger nor a Jingo. He is anathema to every humbug in Christendom. And beyond. So he has to be destroyed.

Roger Casement blew the gaff on Britain’s “Crime Against Europe” in 1914. The British Consul in Christiana (Oslo) tried to have him murdered in 1915 and compromised himself in a paper which was circulated by Casement. When the following year the British Establishment got the chance to murder Casement in London they tried to destroy his reputation, with the same moral compass they employ today with Corbyn.

Pope Francis has spent three days recently visiting  Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Though reputed to have more clout than the Archbishop of Canterbury and  Britain’s Chief Rabbi combined, his visit appears to have attracted little attention in the British media.

Pope Francis, standing amongst survivors of the American atomic bombs which killed an estimated    210,000 human beings,declared that the possession, by any country, of nuclear weapons  could not be morally justified.          

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