Did British Intelligence invent Saddam Hussein’s hoard of Weapons of Mass Destruction threatening imminent  annihilation of theUnited Kingdom? Or did they actually believe in their existence?
Or the Zinoviev letter of 1924? Or that Harold Wilson and Michael Foot were Soviet Agents? Do they believe that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic?
THE TIMES still apparently believes that Michael Foot was a Soviet Agent. And its connections within British Intelligence do not seem to have advised it that the slur on Corbyn originates with other spooks.
The Guardian today “reveals” that GCHQ began spying on their Soviet Allies in 1944. But MI5 and MI6 agents in Berlin in1933 spent about ten days transcribing lists of non-Fascists  as the NAZI’s HORST WESSEL  HAUS Guests while less fortunate guests could be heard being “Interrogated in Depth” there. Only the outbreak of war in 1939 stopped a senior Scotland Yard Officer (an Oxford Graduate) from renewing his acquaintance with Reinhard Heydrich (architect in 1942 of The Final Solution) and a visit to inspect the accommodation of prisoners in Dachau.

THE TIMES (Oct 30) describes how Ian Fleming, worked for British Naval Intelligence in Gibraltar planning for an Allied invasion of Franco’s Spain if Franco joined the Nazis, The putative invasion was called Operation Backbone.

Franco had got help from Hitler and Mussolini when Churchill had words of admiration for one and support for the other and  Musso poured money into the coffers of Britain’s Suez Canal as his men and materiel made their way to the rape of Abyssinia.

Franco did not feel a debt of gratitude to Hitler or Mussolini. (Hitler, for his part, was loyal to Mussolini and sent Otto Skorzeny to airlift him from captivity)

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Franco was grateful to Britain. For when he was posted to the Canaries by the Republican Government, to keep him from creating mischief, he was airlifted by the British Agent, Hugh Pollard, in his privateplane, to Spanish Morocco which he used as a springboard for his treason. Pollard was Mi6’s man in the British Embassy in Madrid when Ian Fleming was working on Opration Backbone.

Ian Fleming won fame for his Fantasy – James Bond..

Pollard, a far more successful fantasist, is largely forgotten.

In 1920, Captain Pollard arranged with Pathe News to film a fake encounter between the IRA and the Crown Forces, circulated as a newsreel from Tralee. It was filmed on Dublin’s Vico Road about 200 miles from Tralee . Dublin filmgoers recognised the fake at the time.

But stills from the footage have continued to appear as genuine historical evidence . One of Robert Kee’s books reproduces
Pollard’s work on its front cover,

Robert Kee, like Hugh Pollard and Ian Fleming was a British Agent.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot, The Irish Times used some of Pollard’s work to illustrate a feature a week or two ago.

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