On September 18th 2018, seventy years and one day after the murder of Count Bernadotte in Jerusalem, Prince William unveiled in London, the statue of Frank Foley who has been touted as a humanitarian hero who risked his life to save Jews from the Nazis. Foley enjoyed diplomatic immunity in Britain’s Embassy in Berlin, up to the outbreak of war in September 1939, and far from being persona non grata with the Nazis had been HEIL FELLOW WELL MET with them, at least since their accession to power in 1933. The London Review of Books a few years ago revealed how Foley, together with Guy Liddell of MI5, invited by the Nazis, spent many days in Horst Wessel Haus in Berlin, copying lists of persons unapproved of by the  Nazis and by the British Establishment. That way any of them who surfaced in Britain, her loyal colonies. or her
amongst her subjugated peoples culd be watched, bugged or locked up as the watchers and buggers saw fit. Special Branch and other spooks read the mail and bugged the phones of  Eric Hobsbawm for nearly
eighty years following Foley’s enjoyment of Nazi hospitality in Horst Wessel Haus. Hobsbawm is now dead, but Spooks being Spooks, who is to say they are not still at it,?

Official British collaboration and collusion with the Nazis continued up to the eve of the outbreak of war, when Sir Norman Kendall, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police at  Scotland Yard had to cancel an official visit to Germany, where he was to hear a lecture on policing methods from, and inspect the Dachau facility with Reinhard Heydrich. Kendall wrote “I am more than I can tell you how much I will miss seeing you and all my other friends.” Heydrich became the architect of “The Final Solution to the Jewish Question.”

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