November, 2019

A letter the Paper of Record didn’t record

Sir Stephen Collins dismisses those who would raise the possibility of a reunited Ireland as reckless  twaddle-talkers  (‘Stop the dangerous guff about a united Ireland’, 1 November 2019). Perhaps I could  direct his attention to the words of Professor Colin Harvey of the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast,  in my book Laying It On The […]

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Willie Clarke – Lifetime of Service by John Patton

Willie Clarke was a miner and he manifested all of the great qualities which mark apart that breed of workers. He was hewn from the rocks that he crushed from the moment of his descent to the grim coalface as a child. Miners learn interdependency in one of the most dangerous occupations on earth.  They […]

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Arlene, Brexit perils and unionist heaven

Note: This article was written before Boris and the EU came up with their definitive agreement that the ‘border’  (actually some extra form-filling) would be at ports or between Britain and our stateen. This agreement has calmed business and farmer fears to some extent, but poses Arlene and Co with a general election full of […]

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