Stephen Collins: the man who knows how stupid people are

Brendan O’Connor had his palm read on air last week. He was told he narrowly missed being a fascist leader.  I wonder did Stephen Collins hear it.

In an article written in  The Irish Times last May about Ireland and the EU, he compares favourably the English Brexiteers to his fellow – countrymen and women.

“A substantial chunk of the Irish electorate seems to have no idea what it is doing. A recent opinion poll showed that a whopping 93 per cent of Irish people are committed to this country’s (sic) continuing membership  of the EU, but there is every chance that on May 24 they will elect a number of MEPs whose goal is to wreck it.”

Get the idea? The Irish people don’t know what they’re doing, and so they act against their own interests. If this is so, the only possible course of action would be to take power out of the hands of these self-harming people and put it into the hands of someone wiser in these matters – maybe even Stephen himself, since he clearly knows a lot about the subject.

Later in the same article, predictably, Stephen goes after the Shinners.  He points out that they voted against joining the EU back in 1970s.  He concedes that they voted Remain in the recent referendum, but “that probably had as much to do with the fact that the DUP was on the other side as anything else.”

I wonder how many members of Sinn Féin Stephen spoke to before arriving at this knowledge.

The truth is,  I suspect, that the Shinners, the same as many of us,  have grave reservations about some tendencies in the EU but still see it as much more desirable to be in the EU and attempting to reform it than outside it and calling for its destruction.  The EU has plans for closer integration of states. It has plans for a European army. Neither of these things is attractive, not just to Sinn Féin, but to a great number of Irish people.  And I suspect they took this into consideration when they voted Remain.

The Irish Times has a slogan: “You are what you read’, Given the presence of IT journalists like Stephen,  you’re an embryonic fascist, that’s what you are. And me.

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