Which side are you on? by Fr Sean McManus

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Which side are you on: Endless division or unity? Disunity or oneness? Alienation, or solidarity in the Beloved Community?

 Sign the  “Ireland One Nation” petition. And, if you already have signed, please keep getting others to sign.This must be a constant, on-going campaign. It does not cost a penny and only a minute of your time each day. Take a stand with me.)http://chng.it/7Yzr8kS2Scroll down to “ Reasons for signing”; insert your name; and give your reasons for signing.Then click “post.”
Please get others to sign. Experts say that the average person can get ten others to sign an Internet Petition.

The song “ Which side are you on,” written in 1931, became an iconic Labor song, and also an anthem of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s -1960s. If you need to get in the mood, click the Link and listen to Pete Seeger’s rendition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XEnTxlBuGo

If you need or want to read  background information on the Irish issue, a new edition of my Memoirs has  just been published:

My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland [Third U.S. Edition 2019]. Available at IrishNationalCaucus.org and on Amazon.com

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