A man was recently charged in Germany with complicity in murder when a guard in a Concentration Camp in 1943. He is over 90 years old now and probably no longer a threat to anybody.

But if there is sufficient evidence to try him, I believe he should have his day in court. If found guilty he should be sentenced to a jail term, perhaps suspended subject to good behaviour, if he was of lowly rank.

 If of high rank he should serve some time .I think there is little point in vengeance and none in letting murderers expect humanity to forget their crimes.

Lord Dannatt, a former chief of Britain’s General Staff, believes that soldiers who murdered civilians in Ballymurphy in 1971 and Derry in 1972, and lied about their crimes should go  scot free. Their crimes are nearly thirty years fresher than those for which the German has been arrested.

 Since Hitler blew his brains out in 1945 Britain has waged countless bloody campaigns, euphemistally described as “Emergencies” involving systematic murder, torture and other atrocities which escaped the notice of the International Criminal Court and British Criminal Courts and Courts Martial alike. Indeed, the conduct of many British Courts has often been Criminal. In Kenya, for example, nearly 1,100 Africans were hanged during the first eight years of the current Monarch’s reign after farcical trials.  

Justice would have been far better served if certain “Justices,” Field Marshals and ignoble Lords had been struck off and strung up to encourage the others. 

Apparently it is the intention of the current Government that criminal veterans who have enjoyed impunity will have that impunity enshrined in Law with the Royal Assent.

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