Last week in Dublin and at Waterstones in Belfast tonight

Senators Rose Conway-Black and Senator Frances Black

Your humble scribe being interviewed by Senator Frances Black
Senator Mark Daly holding his book the wrong way round…
Peadar Tóibín TD and Senator Rose Conway-Black
Former Irish ambassador Jim Sharkey
Former Irish ambassador Ray Bassett

If you notice a slight tremble in my typing this morning, it’s understandable.  This evening at 6.00 pm in Waterstones, I’m expecting to be lightly grilled on both sides by Tommie Gorman of RTÉ. 

We stumbled on this format in Dublin and it worked well. I’ve been at a number of book-launches, including about ten of my own, and I’ve only once seen this interview format used. It makes sense. However interesting a talk can be, an interview has better possibilities, since you’ve two voices, not one; and when you open up the questions to the audience – especially on a topic like Brexit’s impact on the border – you get even more perspectives. On Wednesday night last in Dublin – see pics – Patrick O’Donoghue the Mercier Press man had to call full time, even though the audience and I and Guest of Honour Frances Black could have gone on for another half hour with no bother.

Tonight, with Tommie Gorman asking the questions, I’m optimistic it’ll be even better. If we’ve met before, it’ll be an opportunity to say hello once more; if we haven’t met in the flesh (why does that always sound slightly obscene?), it’ll be an opportunity to move from the virtual to the real.

Just one word of warning: if you buy a copy of the book, read it but don’t loan it out to your friends or  the devil will get you and stick his fork into you endlessly. Instead, read it and encourage friends to get their own copy. Or if you’re feeling generous, buy a copy and give it to them as a Christmas present.  With twenty-six bite-size interviews, it’ll make perfect Christmas Day reading.

Hope to see you there this evening and be sure to speak to me. See you where? Waterstones in Fountain Street at 6.00 pm. Be there or be square.

PS Did I mention the free wine??

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