Jack Straw, who served as British Home Secretary and as Foreign Secretary under Tony Blair when Blair was completely under the control of U.S. President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney,  has launched a blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn. Amongst the numerous alleged sins of Corbyn is having spoken to Irish Republicans and supported the aims of a movement which has killed civilians.

(Andrew Rawnsley’s exhaustive study of Blair’s subservience to Bush and Cheney “The End of the Party”  might be regarded as funny if discovered by visitors from another planet if they could decode it in ten thousand years’ time. But life on earth will have been by then have ceased by nearly ten thousand years if the antics of the Bush Blair love-match

are imitated)


In September 1945, Robert Brennan, Irish Minister in Washington, reported home that he had been told that approximately 25,000 children, on their way to school, had been vapourised in a moment, when, under orders from U.S .President  Harry Truman, the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. I don’t know if this statistic,uncheckable at the scene, ever excited Dublin broadcasters such as Joe Duffy, in the way that the death toll of Dublin children (mainly from British-held weapons)  in 1916 does.

It may be that most Americans and their friends supported the declared aims of the United States at the time, and that nobody in the West condemned them for it. It is known that General Curtis Le May, whose bombers had fire-bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities mercilessly, opposed the use of the Atomic Bomb, not through any squeamishness, but because he thought it unnecessary  in the defeat of Japan.

The defeat of Japan was not Truman’s aim in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His aim was to Shock and Awe the Soviet Union, which had inflicted 80% of the fatalities suffered by the Nazis in Europe, and suffered an estimated 18,000,000 civilian and 10,000,000 military fatalities at the hands of the Nazis. Having done the lion’s share of the work and the

suffering in defeating Hitler, the Soviets were now threatened by a relatively undamaged superpower, assured of a monopoly of nuclear weapons, and expecting that monopoly to endure.

Jeremy Corbyn never supported the armed struggle of the IRA, the PLO, Hamas.

 In THE TIMES, Dominic Kennedy did a hatchet job on Corbyn stating that the IRA had killed 1800 people including 600 civilians, out of a total casualty toll of about 3,500 since 1969. THE TIMES itself described the RUC as civilians, though it was equipped with firearms and quite practised in their discharge,. Though all homicides are tragic, their context should be honestly confronted.

 Corbyn’s contacts with Sinn Fein sought to put an end to the conflict between the British Government and the Irish People, who, back in 1918 awarded 73 of Ireland’s 105 Parliamen who had written its brief,but electorally effective, manifesto. It demanded that all the British King’s Horses and all the King’s Men, quit Ireland.

The first Brexit demand since Cornwallis was bested at Yorktown!

 In supporting Sinn Fein’s aims, Corbyn proved himself a democrat and disqualified himself from Britain’s highest elected office.

Those with any sense of history or sense of irony will know that anyone hoping to occupy 10 Downing Street must abase themselves in a far away city named after a rebel who would have dangled at the end of a British rope had Cornwallis triumphed at Yorktown.


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