In 1920 Pathe News, co-operating with  HUGH POLLARD of Britain’s black propaganda Unit in Dublin Castle, staged a mock encounter on the Vico Road by Killiney Bay, Co. Dublin. It was widely circulated at the time, purporting to be an actual engagement between the Crown Forces and the IRA in Tralee, County Kerry, approximately 200 miles South West of Dublin, where cinema audiences recognised the Vico Road when they saw it. Nevertheless, stills from that faked newsreel continue to appear in books and other media. One of Robert Kee’s three books on Ireland features one of them on its front cover. Kee himself served as a secret agent later and might well have been one all his life.He will have remained bound by the Official Secrets Act and constrained from exposing the fake for what it was.The Irish Times, under the direction of the secretive and untrustwothy Trust, established by the shady British Fixer, Arnold Goodman, I understand still reproduces such stills, together with other propaganda produced by Pollard and his pals.

Pollard also produced a faked issue of Dail Eireann’s “Irish Bulletin” which was immediately recognised as a fake and ridiculed in the House of Commons by a recipient of the genuine article which never missed an issue though its office, and Gestetner type printer, had been captured by the Brits unannounced. Hugh Pollard  was a hand-gun fanatic and an anti-Irish racist of the most rabid kind, and, incidentally, a Catholic.

Hugh Pollard  transferred to the British secret services and played a pivotal part in European history when he piloted a small aeroplane to the Canary Islands and picked up a passenger whom he transferred to Spanish Morocco. His passenger was Francisco Franco, who had been posted to the Canaries by Spain’s Republican Government to prevent him from doing a mischief. Franco took command of fellow-traitor mutineers in Morocco, which he used as a springboard for his murderous forty- year tyranny.. When, after three years, Madrid finally fell to Franco in 1939, Pollard took up a post as MI6’s man in the British
Embass ythere.

STEPHEN POLLARD, so far as I know, is no relation of Hugh. But he is a member of the Henry Jackson Society, which is chock-full of British and American spooks and warlovin’ generals.Henry Jackson in his lifetime was a household name with the Boeing Corporation, for whom he was such a benefactor that he was known as “the Senator for Boeing” when he sat in the US

Senate as one of the two members for Washington State. The founder of the HJS is DOUGLAS MURRAY, protégé of the one- time cocaine sniffing TIMES columnist  MICHAEL GOVE. Gove declared his love for Tony Blair when the latter gave his unconditional support for George W Bush in his 2003 attack on Iraq. The HJS supports pre-emptive strikes (including nuclear ones) on any state not-aligned with the United States, suspected, or alleged, to have weapons of mass destruction

Britain’s “INDEPENDENT PRESS STANDARDS ORGANISATION” has just condemned London’s JEWISH CHRONICLE for four articles published in February and March 2018 attacking a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. Stephen Pollard is the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle. About the same time as the offensive articles were published the BBC screened a Panorama hatchet-job on Corbyn for alleged anti-Semitism which was breath-takingly dishonest, and its presenter, JOHN WARE was praised by to the skies by Stephen Pollard.

So far as I know, neither the BBC nor THE TIMES has mentioned the IPSO adjudication.

It’s quite possible that IPSO is sitting on complaints about anti-Corbyn lies that won’t be judged till well after the election.

Under the old Press Council it took nine months from the raising of a complaint and the release of an adjudication. If a paper was judged in error on a Monday and another paper, or even THREE papers, published the identical error on a Tuesday the Press Council would still take a further nine months to condemn TWO of them, and ignore the other one if it had gone out under the name of a Cabinet Minister.

This is old history but relevant still. Covering the funeral of Bobby Sands in May 1981 THE TIMES asserted that all those killedin the “Troubles” since 1969 were Protestants killed by Republicans. I wrote politely to the paper asking it to correct the storybut got a letter from its Managing Editor, JOHN GRANT (ex-Baliol and Brigade of Guards) assuring me that their correspondent ,CHRISTOPHER  THOMAS, had confirmed his figures from several sources. So I complained to the Press Council which tried to wear me down with lame excuses. When eventually my complaint was upheld it got no publicity on the BBC, whose lead story was a Press Council complaint about  modest, attractive and non-scandalous photographs of the married Princess Diana in a Bikini which was adjudicated on within days. That night I turned on the TV to see HAROLD EVANS, Editor of THE TIMES, acclaimed as EDITOR OF THE YEAR by his fellow British Editors. He was subsequently Knighted.

Three months later, in a co-ordinated onslaught on Ken Livingston, THE DAILY EXPRESS, its (Augean?) stable-mate THE DAILY STAR, and THE DAILY MAIL, all on the one morning, printed, verbatim. the lie which had earned THE TIMES the PRESS COUNCIL’s censure. An elderly Mr Conlan in Birmingham contacted me and lodged a complaint with the Press Council concerning the Express and the Star. Having gone into labour for another nine months the Council upheld his complaint.

I took THE DAILY MAIL to the Council, which fought shy of adjudicating. For the lie had gone out over the name of the Right Honourable HUMPHREY ATKINS, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

It was generally recognised that THE PRESS COUNCIL was a spineless and toothless watchdog. So it changed its name to
THE PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION, retaining the old Staff. Atkins retired and ascended to THE LORDS under a completely new name and was appointed to the PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION, a lucrative sinecure.

What are the odds on Stephen Pollard getting a Knighthood or even a Peerage for upholding the standards of the British

P.S.See BLOG  Jude Collins Donal Kennedy “Scoop.”

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