On 5th of January 2020 THE TIMES (of London) reprinted a report from 5th of January 1920 of an attack “by 300 armed Sinn Feiners” on an RIC garrison of 5  in County Cork,followed by a 6 hour gun battle which ended with no fatalities, but the capture of the barracks by the Sinn Feiners,its survival because the wife and children of one of the garrison lived there, and the sparing of the RIC men’s lives following the surrender of their weapons.

In January 1920 the IRA in whole of Munster did not have as many as 300 firearms. In July 192 when the TRUCE was agreed they had, at most 2,000 service rifles in the whole of Ireland (most of them captured from the Crown Forces) and barely enough ammunition for a fifteen minute gun battle. They had never deployed as many as 300 men in any engagement since the 1916 Rising. In March 1921 they deployed 104 riflemen at Crossbarry in County Cork, where under the leadership of Tom Barry, they had defeated, in succession, British units seeking their encirclement, totalling1,200 men. who fled the field faster than they had taken it, leaving behind them trucks, arms and equipment and an undisclosed number of dead.

The farrago of nonsense printed in THE TIMES was typical of the British Press at the time. If small units of the RIC could have withstood legions of “armed Sinn Feiners” for hours perhaps the War Office was remiss in 1914 in not  transferring a few hundred  RIC men to the Western and other fronts, for they would  surely have taken Berlin, Vienna and Constantinople and spared the British Expeditionary Force, Kitchener’s Conscripts, the Czar and American  Doughboys a lot of Grief on the one hand. On the other hand, American Hicks  from the Sticks would still be stuck Down on the Farm and would never  have Seen Paree! 

On JANUARY 6 2020, under the Headline “”Putin still peddles Stalin’s version of History” andthe Sub-heading “Airbrushing Soviet collaboration with the Nazis is yet another Kremlin  technique” Edward Lucas, in THE TIMES would have us believe a Western Cold War myth shared by the current Polish Government.

It seems to me, that ANTI-COMMUNISM IS THE FIRST REFUGE OF A SCOUNDREL, starting with Winston Churchill, followed by Mussolini, J Edgar Hoover, Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco , SenatorJoe McCarthy and some other nasties who have been propped up by Western states.

From the outbreak of the October 1917 Revolution in Russia Churchill’s unchanging mission in life was to crush Bolshevism and he deployed troops and material and an admitted Forty Millions Sterling, though his non-Bolshevik friends claimed One Hundred Millions in that cause whilst the Great War was still raging. Churchill then urged recruiting the defeated Germans to help the British, or to do Churchill’s dirty work for him against the Communists. No sooner had Hitler shot himself a quarter of a century later than Churchill wanted to employ the Germans, and any other willing suckers, to re-launch the war on Russia in support of his  unchanged agenda. The British electorate in its wisdom booted  Churchill out of power in 1945 and the incoming Labour Government co-founded NATO in 1949 with  not quite so  exact an agenda.

Churchill was a great admirer of Mussolini from that thug’s seizure of power in 1922 and praised him to the skies for the attack on Abyssinia. Churchill was out of power at the time.  But the British DID make Mussolini pay for the attack on a fellow- nation in The League of Nations, bound by its Covenant to defend its fellows. Mussolini was made pay for passage of his troops and materiel through the British Government owned Suez Canal, on the way to the rape of Abyssinia.

Francisco Franco was flown in a private plane  by MI6 Agent Hugh Pollard, from the Canary Islands, where the General had been posted by Spain’s Republican Government ((to stop him doing his country a mischief) to Spanish Morocco, whence the mutinous traitor launched the attack which fastened forty years of tyranny on Spain. Spain under Franco was  party to the anti-Comintern Pact, with Germany, Italy and with Britain’s friend, Japan. When Japan invaded Manchuria in the early 1930s, Britain as a member of the League of Nations, welshed on its commitment to its Covenant.  

No sooner had the Nazis come to power in 1933 than they invited MI5 and MI6 agents to inspect and transcribe captured records of anti-fascists in their new party headquarters Horst Wessel Haus, seized from the Communists and named for one of their own idols. The British agents spent about ten days there transcribing the records so that should any of the anti-Fascists surface in Britain, her willing Dominions or subject territories, the authorities there would be on to them. One of them, Eric Hobsbawm. then a teenager and British subject (born in Alexandria) had his mail steamed open and his telephone tapped by British spooks, until his death 79 years later. The agents could hear captives being roughly interrogated in Horst Wessel Haus whilst they transcribed the records.

THE TIMES would have us believe that the MI6 agent Frank Foley heroically rescued Jews from the clutches of the NAZIS. In fact Foley had the safest billet in Berlin as an accredited diplomat in the British Embassy. He was very much a Persona CON Grata with the Nazis (as was THE TIMES)until the outbreak of war, and as late as 1938, Churchill (then out of Government) had words of praise for Hitler.  By the way, Eric Hobsbawm was Jewish.

The American Journalist William L Shirer, spent the 1930s in Europe, much of it in Germany and published his Berlin Diary after Hitler declared War on Germany. After the War, Shirer had access to German records and wrote THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, flew twice to Munich to see Hitler. Chamberlain had never been in a plane before, but he considered the matter urgent. When the matter of trying to get an agreement with the Soviet Union which might dissuade Hitler from seizing more, the British envoys were in no hurry. They might as well have taken a slow boat around Cape Horn, The Soviet Union had just beaten off an attack from Britain’s Japanese friends and would have welcome an agreement with Britain and France that would allay fears of attack from East and West.

Poland and Germany had a non-aggression pact since 1934, but had a right wing Government,happy to  seize  a  slice of Czechoslovakia, when Britain and France appeased Hitler in 1938. Danzig had been a German-speaking city for centuries and Hitler, did not hate the Poles nor covet their land.His hatred of Jews was shared by many Poles, including those in power in Warsaw.

Poland wanted no guarantees from Russia, which, if given would have been more effective than a promise fro Britain. A promise as phoney as the Phoney War, when British troops twiddled their thumbs behind the Maginot Line before fling like bats out of Hell to Blighty through Dunkirk. .

By the middle of September 1939  the well-equipped and well trained Polish Army was whipped by theGermans, and the Polish Government fled to Romania. The Germans advised the Soviet Unionthat it would advance to the Russian Border unless the Soviets moved West. The Soviets did just that, with no opposition from the Poles – nor protests from the Polish Government in Exile. The Soviets saved many Polish lives by so doing. The Soviets went no further than the borders which the  British and French would have happily left under the CZAR in 1914.

Vladimir Putin is not lying about 1939 but telling it as it was.

The Soviets shed more blood, tears and sweat of their own and toiled more in their heroic defeat of Fascism than all the other powers involved, and they inflicted 80% of all German fatalities. And, when the Germans were at the suburban bus-stops of Moscow, its Government didn’t go into exile like that of Poland, nor did a splinter group of its Army flee to London and borrow a microphone ,from the BBC, like France’s Grand Armee.

,When David Cameron, as Prime Minister boasted in the former Leningrad that Britain had beaten the Fascists I doubt he impressed the citizens there very much.

When Tony Blair couldn’t make it to Moscow to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of VE Day and sent John Prescott instead I thought it Bad Form.

In Red Square in 1945 Marshal Zhukove, rode on horseback, thowing on the ground, in front of the crowds and the reviewing stand, the captured standards of the Nazis seized in Berlin by the Red Army which it had paid for in blood.

This year, the 75th Anniversary of that heroic  achievement, apparently will not be recognised by the British Government, nor most British people, blindfolded as they are by such organs as THE TIMES, and suckled on Cock-and-Bull Heroes, and tales of Derring-Do . IQ Two Zero fables about rambles in Iraq with Bush and Blair by Sandyn McKhyber.

I can laugh at the lying swine. But I’d be extremely angry if I was a Russian.

If I were Russian my blood would be near to boiling.

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