On not having a vote

Supposing you had your mind made up which guy or gal you were going to vote for, and then when you went to cast your vote you were told to clear off, they weren’t going to have you coming in and defacing their electoral paper with your smudgy Xs, how would you react?

Or worse still, if you were a non-person – if you appeared at the voting centre and discovered that you didn’t exist, electorally speaking. Your name wasn’t on the register. No place on register, no part in vote.

The second of these hazards faces thousands of voters in the south for the  election that’s just  beed announced for Saturday 8 February. There’s a new electoral register and except they find some way to get on it, which they aren’t at present,  they won’t be allowed to vote.

Some other people will be on the electoral register and will not vote. Why? Because they can’t be arsed. They’re all the same, politicians. Out for themselves. Why encourage them by voting.

What a daft position to try to maintain. It’s like saying all truck-drivers are the same, or all mechanics, or acrobats. Some are trustworthy, some aren’t.  You use your judgement if you have one.

In my view, if you don’t bother voting, you shouldn’t bother availing of any state benefits or entitlements.  You’ve opted out, so at least be logical and opt out all the way.  

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