In October 2015 Ronan McGreevy had an article in THE IRISH TIMES describing the shooting of Edith Cavell and the sinking of the Lusitania as atrocities committed by Germany in 1915 breaking the Geneva Convention requirements for legitimate acts of war.

In that McGreevy was accepting and confirming nonsense spread by the British at the time which had suckered tens of thousands of men into killing Germans and being killed by them in the case of Cavell. The British boasted that Cavell’s execution had been worth a couple of Army Corps to them as as generous and chivalrous men rushed to their (British) Colours. In the case of the Lusitania the British hoped that its loss would drag the United States into the war on their side. They persisted with their dishonest propaganda for a hundred years and it seems Ronan McGreevy sucked it in with his mother’s milk.

But, in October 2015 Dame Stella Rimington, ex-Director of MI5 had news for such suckers. Nurse Cavell was indeed brave and a British Patriot, but under the rules of “civilised” warfare the Germans had got her Bang to Rights. Britain’s French allies had shot three women as spies and the Germans had not accused them of not playing the game.

As for the Lusitania, in the days of Laissez Faire, its construction had been part-funded by the Admiralty for service in the war Britain had been planning to wage on Germany at least since 1904 with its Entente Cordiale and its secretive Committee on Imperial Defence, With the outbreak of war in 1914 the British Navy had swept all German Merchant Shipping and most of its Naval 

Ships from the world’s oceans, stopped and searched all neutral shipping from trading with Germany or releasing to the world any news or stories which might discredit British propaganda. Germany depended on submarine warfare for her own defence.

In 1915 the United States was neutral, but trading war materials and other goods with the United Kingdom, at a fat profit to the USA. The German Consulate in New York put notices in the newspapers there warning that the Lusitania and other British ships were liable to attack by German submarines and that those preparing to travel on them would do so at their own risk.

It is believed that the Lusitania, when hit, was carrying war materials. She lies in shallow waters off Kinsale and the Irish Government is reluctant to allow divers to ascertain the truth about that belief.

But its sinking did not breach the Conventions devised for war between Civilised Powers.

It’s about time that the IRISH TIMES grew up and merited the support of mature citizens.

Another Hundred Years of War Propaganda, anyone?

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