With few exceptions the British media have smeared the Labour Party generally  and Jeremy Corbyn particularly with anti-Semitism, a term which, if taken literally woul apply to those who hate people who speak, or whose forebears have spoken a Semitic Language. Many more people speak Arabic, a Semitic language, than Hebrew or Aramaic, ancient languages of the Jews, or Yiddish, once the main language of Europe’s Jews.

Today the term should be understood to mean hatred of Jews, an unworthy sentiment for anybody. But it is deliberately misused to smear anybody who criticises Zionism and its adherents or any word uttered, action taken and any failings of theirs. Failings to adhere to the law given by Moses such as stealing from, or murdering their neighbours, to give two examples.

From the JEWISH CHRONICLE, whose Editor is a member of THE HENRY JACKSON SOCIETY (see my BLOG “SCOOP”) to PRIVATE EYE which affects to respect the fearless journalism of the late PAUL FOOT, the lies about Corbyn have been shamelessly uttered.

A few weeks ago THE FINANCIAL TIMES published a piece about THE INDEPENDENT PRESS STANDARDS ORGANISATION, which recently condemned the JEWISH CHRONICLE for some of its allegations about the Labour Party. Neither THE TIMES nor RADIO nor TV  news, appear to have reported on the adjudication. The FINANCIAL TIMES quoted the IPSOS adjudicator, whose surname is MOSES.

The Jewish Chronicle has also been forced to pay substantial damages to people it has dishonestly accused of anti-Semitism.

I have received many kindnesses from Jews and no insults or injuries.Oddly enough I don’t know any Arabs, but I have Moslem Friends,and friends of many religions and none, whom I would, and do trust with my
life whenever I use the NHS.

THE IRISH MEDIA  and ESTABLISHMENT generally are perhaps worse than the British ones.  Over the past fifty years they have been taking orders from British Governments and attempting to establish a state of AMNESIA in the  people.

Many of us who grew up in the  Twenty-Six Counties in the1940s and 1950s when Government and Opposition TDs, Senior Army Officers and  leading public service executives were veterans of the 1916 Rising, War of Independence and Civil War veterans. When our schoolmates had parents who were involved in those struggles, and/or the First World War. Our generation mixed happily together for the veterans of the
Civil War had frequently served together in the Defence Forces during the Emergency impose on the State by the outbreak of the 1939-1945 TROUBLES between our European neighbours. We were, rightly proud of those who had, in an act of National Self-Determination, raised themselves from the degraded state of  Subjects, to the status of Citizens of a Sovereign State.

Leading journalists in the Irish Independent, such as Piaras Beaslai and the Irish Press, such as Frank Gallagher “David Hogan” had worked together refuting British lies between 1918 and 1921, or in defendin and encouraging resistance, including lethal resistance, to British Tyranny. Robert Brennan, former minister in Washington in “Allegiance” and “David Hogan” in “The Four Glorious Years” told the story of “THE IRISH BULLETIN” in Press Group of Papers and THE KERRYMAN paper group published pieces about the  fighting in Kerry, “Rebel Cork” , Limerick and Dublin, by those who did the fighting before the “Civil War”.

The Nationally minded newspapers in late forties and until 1970 opened their columns to those who might dispute the veterans’ accounts. It is hard for those brought up since 1970 to imagine such freedom. Few British veterans of Ireland’s War of Independence cared to write of. Brigadier General Crozier was an exception – and he had resigned his Commission in protest against British atrocities.

Garret Fitzgerald, Chancellor of the National University of Ireland (1997-1909) in his Autobiography was, rightly, mighty proud of his father’s role as Editor of THE IRISH BULLETIN.
Dr.Maurice Manning is the current Chancellor of the National University of Ireland. He is the Chair of the Expert Advisory Group on Centenary Commemorations. He is a year and a half younger than I am and, like myself, spent part of his education in Rockwell College Cashel, which in our time cherished the memory of 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh
and other Republican former pupils or teachers. A former pupil/teacher at Rockwell, Eamon de Valera, was Chancellor of the National University from 1921 to 1975. He had been a fine Rugby player and retained friendships he had made there into my time, including  with Father Thady O’Connor who had been his team Captain in 1904.

The Centenary Commemorations would have us believe that Thomas MacDonagh and Desmond Fitzgerald, Eamon de Valera, Piaras Beaslai and Eoghan MacNeill were criminals when they resisted British rule, and Leo Varadkar, Micheal Martin, and their admirers go along with that lie.

They have been complicit in disowning and obliterating, so far as they can the honest records of the generation which established and defended the First Dail Eireann and replacing them with fake history and phoney journalism

The overdue rejection, by an awakened citizenry of the attempt to glorify the Royal Irish Constabulary should bury those in academia, the media and politics who have betrayed the nation these past fifty years. There may be some honest people in Fine Gael and the Labour Party and I believe that there are still some traditional Fianna Fail people who share the outlook of that once great party’s founders. Their achievements in housing, and the establishment of industries, promotion of aviation, in the Hungry Thirties, establishing a sovereign state and playing a principled role in the League
of Nations should be taught to those who have never heard of them. When the IRISH TIMES was embracing Hitler, and John A Costello was lauding the Brown Shirts, and Fine Gael and Pope Pius XI Rape of Abyssinia, de Valera was demanding that League of Nations members honour the League’s Covenant. There were sincere Republicans who never accepted the legitimacy of the 1938 Constitution, but whose allegiance to Ireland was absolute and who have since been favoured by massive support throughout Ireland. The attempt to demonise them is the begrudgery of poor losers
whose days,if not yet over, will soon join John Redmond in the dustbin of History.

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